Sunday, November 16, 2014

Five Enchanted Roses -- Deadline REMINDER

Dear aspiring authors all . . . I just wanted to post a reminder for those of you who are planning to submit stories for the Five Enchanted Roses creative writing contest.


This is different from last year, when your forms simply had to be postmarked by Dec. 31st. We want to receive all of the submissions themselves no later than the 31st, which means the forms need to be in much sooner.

So please, please, please don't forget! I would hate for your story to be disqualified because you missed this deadline. It is one month from today.

If you need to, you can recheck all the rules by clicking here.

Looking forward to reading those submissions! Best of luck with your writing.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the reminder! Time to get serious...

Hannah said...

Thank you! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I don't think I'll get mine finished =(

Christine Smith said...

Miss Stengl, just a couple of quick question for you if you don't mind.

Should I go ahead and mail the submission form even if my story isn't quite ready? I know we'll email our manuscripts after we've sent in the submission forms and gotten an email saying the judges are ready for our entries, but I didn't know if I needed my manuscript to be completely ready by the time I get that email. So I didn't know if I should wait to mail the submission form or go ahead.

Also, on the submission form are we allowed to type our our email addresses? Of course our signatures need to be printed, but I just wanted to be 100% sure that a typed out email address is fine. For those of us with not the greatest of handwriting I thought it'd be better to type out the email address so it can be clearly read. ;)

Hopefully those questions make sense. I feel like I'm making a mess asking them.

Thank you so much for doing this! I'm bursting with excitement. Beauty and the Beast is my top favorite fairytale!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Christina Smith--No, your story doesn't have to be sent in until the 31st. You are encouraged to send it in as soon as possible so that the judges aren't overwhelmed all at once, but according to the rules, you don't have to send it in until the 31st.

This means your STORY does not have to be ready by the 16th. But your SUBMISSION FORM must be postmarked by the 16th.

And yes, you may type your email address. Though I'm not sure if you'll be able to with a pdf document . . . If your handwriting isn't legible, you can email Rooglewood Press to let them know, etc.

Please address all future questions to (as it says in the instructions). It's not officially against the rules or anything, but I'm not *supposed* to be fielding questions. We have folks on staff specifically for that purpose.

Christine Smith said...

Oh, I apologize for asking here when I should have emailed! That was so kind of you to take time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions when that's not even your job. I will certainly use the email address for any other questions. I apologize again! You were so sweet for answering me. Thank you, Miss Stengl!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

No worries, Christine! :)