Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Movie Suggestion

As most of you know, I rarely do reviews of any kind any more. Ever. I guess I have become so gun-shy of my own reviews (appreciative though I am to have them, since they definitely help with the ongoing slog that is actually selling my work) that I don't like contribute anything more to the review world at large.

And really, this isn't going to be a review so much as a recommendation. Because I'm not a reviewer, and I fear that any attempts to summarize either the plot or my feelings on the plot might giveaway something important . . .

But I recently watched a movie which I truly loved. And somehow I think many of you would enjoy  it too.

Here's the trailer:

That's right. It's a Korean film. Now I had heard wonderful things about Korean cinema before, but hadn't actually settled down to watch any. A few weeks back, however, Rohan and I came upon this one, War of the Arrow, randomly on Netflix.

Here is a brief summary that doesn't give away too much: "Set during the second Manchu invasion of Korea, Nam Yi, the best archer in Korea, goes up against the Qing Dynasty to save his younger sister Ja In - who was dragged away by Manchurian."

It looked okay. So hey! Why not?


I found it particularly interesting since I had just been reading up on the Manchu a few months before. I hadn't realized there'd ever been a first Manchu invasion of Korea, so I learned something new . . . and feel inspired for more research.

Lots of action, lots of epic. I mean, LOTS of epic. The handsome hero is great, and the villain is terrifying, but in a wonderfully motivated sort of way. And neither of them is even my favorite character! My favorite character is probably the sister, who is quite the spunky lady (but not in any stereotypical warrior-maiden sense). I also really like her romantic interest, whom my best friend Erin has labeled, "The Asian Joseph Gordon-Levitt" if that means anything to any of you.

It is quite a violent film. No more violent than Lord of the Rings, but pretty grim. So you are fairly warned. Not a "family film." But I still highly recommend it for the right context of viewers.

Have any of you seen it? What did you think?

Oh, the soundtrack is pretty amazing too!


Clara said...

A good friend of mine has seen this and told me that it was wonderful. I've seen it on netflix but I just haven't gotten around to watching I know what our Friday night movie will be! :)

Meredith said...

I'm always looking for good movies. Thanks for the recommendation.

Hannah said...

Ooooo, I'm intrigued. It has a happy ending, right? Or should I ask that over email?

I'm never watched a movie spoken in another language. It would be an interesting experience. :)

Joni said...

This movie wasn't a favorite for me... but I have to say that I did really like Ja-in's character. She was an awesome heroine.
I LOVE Korean cinema and dramas. If you're looking for another period piece, Masquerade is a great movie.

Katherine S. Cole said...

*squeal* I loved this movie! Saw it just before med school started, and have been rewatching clips of it ever since. XD Usually I tend to like Korean dramas better than Korean movies, but I thought this one was good. And if you're just discovering Korean cinema, you're in for a treat. :D