Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Author Study!

Hoorah, hoorah! I finally have my new author study in good order and can share it with all of you! I've been wanting to share glimpses for a few months now, but it just seemed a shame when we were so close to having actually finished. Then this last weekend, Rohan spent a while framing and hanging up works of art, and it all looks so pretty.

So I'm going share.

Pretend you are at the door of my study and stepping inside. This is what you would see!

My big bear, Nelson Teddy, is very kindly sitting in for me at the desk. Doesn't he look professional?
And now you are through the door! You see my Thinking Couch (aka: my Napping Couch) to your left, and my curtains on the right, and all sorts of fun other things to explore!

First, let us consider the curtains. They are as you see them:

And if I am very lucky, they will remain this way for another hour or so. Then they will inevitably be pulled down by one or the other of my gaggle of kitty cats. And I will either re-hang them (again), or stuff them into the cupboard for a few days until I can be bothered. But in the meanwhile, don't they look pretty?

And under the curtains, you see this little table:

Rohan found this for me, It's a beautiful little golden elephant, very Sri Lankan in style (Rohan is from Sri Lanka, so I tend to love all things Sri Lankan these days). And it's the perfect size to hold our wedding album, which had been floating unsettled about the house for months until this table came along. Minerva Louise, of course, thinks that the table and the album make the perfect pedestal for her to sit on while she gazes out the window.

Speaking of the window . . .

This is my view when I sit on the Thinking Couch. Notice the beautiful tapestry? That was the Honorable Mention for last year's fan art contest, and it is a FABULOUS work of art! My dear friend Paula made it for me and, after the contest, sent it to Rooglewood. I didn't have anywhere to put it for a long while. So pleased to now display it in a place of prominence!
Another little detail:
This charming fellow sits on my antique table beside the couch. Isn't he wonderful? He was one of Rohan's Christmas gifts to me this year. I mean, who doesn't want a dragon mug?
And here is the view from sitting at my desk.

And what is that on the computer screen? Might it be the manuscript of my latest, Top Secret work-in-progress? Why yes . . . yes, it is . . . .
Here I want to point out one of the cleverest aspects of this study. You see, we had to put the litter boxes in here somewhere. And as you know, a litter box can quickly destroy the mood of an entire room!
But not my Author Study! You see that little bitty flap door on the left? That leads to the walk-in closet, which we have converted to the Litter Box room. So I can keep the litter boxes in here, but they remain out of the way and never interrupt the peace and loveliness of my work space! (You can also admire my fun little book-ends on the top of the bookshelf there. And see all my piles of notebooks and research tomes?)
Here is one of my favorite parts of the study:

Under duress, Rohan bought this sign for over my door. He says it is incredibly cheesy, but I say, "Hey! I write Fairy Tales! If Happily Ever After isn't appropriate here, where is it appropriate?"
And finally, my gorgeous dragon goblets from Kirsten and Laz have a display! And can you see the little bitty pewter dragon hatching from an egg in front of them there? It's a whole family of dragons!

(Yes, I know. Cheesy. But what can you do?)
Another common sight I see while sitting at my desk:

All the kitties LOVE that blanket. Magrat is feeling smug that she got it this time!
And now for the desk itself! It used to be Rohan's, but he didn't like it much. I, however, LOVE it! It's so convenient! That arm there swings out, so I can put my laptop on it. But if I want to close it all up, I can!

Nelson Teddy is reading my manuscript . . . Even though it's still Top Secret.
Here you can see it opened up.

Lots of space for everything I need! My printer, a lamp, my Bible and any other books and notebooks I'm currently using. Tissues! (Always a necessity if you're a crazy cat lady and allergic to cats.) My calendar hangs to the left, and I put up sticky-note-reminders on the right, which I SOMETIMES remember to check. So many convenient nooks in which to fit everything! It's amazing how fast it fills up.

And here you see me in my element!

Because, of course, I am always this fixed up for work. Always. (Okay, maybe not. But you have to maintain the illusion for blog posts, right?)
Hard at work here:
We are always our own worst critics . . . .
See the book-covers framed up on the wall there? Rohan did that!

Actually, he framed all the pictures in the room! Including my illustrations.

I drew this back in 2009, but didn't get it framed until this last weekend. SO glad to finally have it protected properly! And Rohan did such a great job on it.
He also framed the Moonblood painting for me.
This one took him (I kid you not) three hours to do. It was a complicated framing job. But I just love how it turned out. We got the frames and matting all from thrift stores in the area, so we saved a bundle as well.
Thinking Couch time!
I do a lot of my first drafts with a notebook and pen. So this is a very common sight in  this study (sans the styled hair and makeup). I always have one or two furry-friends to help!
Monster wants me to end this post with a feature of him and all his fluffy.

So there you have it, my friends! The new Author Study! What do you think? Does it look inspiring? Might I write better books as a result of this environment?

Okay, I need to get to work on some edits now . . . See you again soon!


Geo Librarian said...

Awesome! I need a room like this. Of course, mine would be for reading those marvelous books you write. :)

Carmel Elizabeth said...

Ooh, how cozy! My scribbling space is a tiny desk by a large window in our dining room, and not nearly at prim as yours. Lovely job! :)


Kay J. Fields said...

Ah, If only all writers could have such a cool space..and someone as wonderful as your husband to fix it all up for us! :D Hope your writing study provides you with hours, weeks, and years of creative space.

Molly said...

I love it all!!!!!!! Especially the desk...I want a desk that opens up like that to a cozy place with my stuff. ;)
You are so pretty!! And it just so happens that I love red! :P someday maybe I'll get my own study place where only I go to write hee hee hee. Love the framed things too!

Sarah said...

It's lovely! I also love the desk, and your artwork is great.

J. L. Mbewe said...

It's awesome! To have a room of your own, filled with just the right amount of practicality and inspiration. love it. Enjoy!

Hannah said...

Everything is soooo be-yew-ti-ful!
I love the fact that you have your illustrations hung up, along with your lovely dragon goblets!
And that desk is so cool! What a wonderful hide-a-away!

Hannah said...

And by the way...what is that lovely picture on the wall facing your writing desk? Is that Hymlume herself? Or someone we do not know...?

Rae said...

That is one cool room!! I hope it always provides lots of inspiration for you. :)

Like Hannah, I have a question. In the picture of the inside of your desk, it looks like you have all the Tales of Goldstone Wood neatly lined up. But there are five! "Dragonwitch" isn't in print yet, is it? Or is it a totally different book?

Hannah said...

Rae, you made me look very hard at that picture of her books in her desk. I'm fairly sure the fifth one is a second copy of "Moonblood". Which is funny, because that's how I have them lined up too. Of course, Anne, if I'm wrong, please say so.

Anne, I was also looking at your books on your bookshelf and saw something that made my eyes go wide. Is that HARD-COVER editions of "Heartless" and "Veiled Rose"???
Or is that too "shush-shush?"

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

How do you girls SEE these things?!?!? :)

@Hannah: You know, I had never thought of her as a possible Hymlume! But it makes sense, now that you say it . . . She's actually just a painting I did back in college called, "The Muse." Not connected to Goldstone Wood at all, but now I'm going to be thinking of her as Hymlume. It simply must be so.

@Rae: Hannah is right! It's only a second copy of Moonblood. I have copies of the books stashed all over the place! The first four you see on there are my own personal copies . . . very battered, and chewed upon my the cats. The second copy of Moonblood is a "good" one that I will eventually give away in one of the many giveaways hosted on this blog!

@Hannah again: Oh, sorry to disappoint you! No, those aren't hardback copies. They're just notebooks my publishing house sent me in which to carry various documents related to those two stories. They stopped sending folders after book 2, but it was a fun little extra for the first two books! Very exciting for a newbie author.

But no, no hardcovers . . . yet. Maybe someday?

Molly said...

I think that I see STARFLOWER in your desk...it is my absolute favorite!!

Clara said...

Oh Anne Elisabeth I love your new Authors Study! It's absolutely perfect, and I love all of the "Sri Lankan-y" touches:) I can't wait to see (rather read) what inspiration comes from this fabulous new room! My sister just finished reading Starflower and she says that it is one of her very favorite books...which is shocking since no one in my family can pick a favorite! I finished Moonblood just last week, and am ready to move on to Starflower! (Erhm. Molly? You taking good care of it?? :P)

And I don't care what Rohan says...I like the "Happily Ever After" :)

Just so ya know...there's a new fan song coming from my ukulele!

Hannah said...

Ooo, Clara, I can't wait to hear your new tune! When you read "Starflower", there is a lullaby in there that you must sing! :)

Unknown said...

So beautiful! I love the curtains, the desk, the bookshelf, paintings....everything! One of my favourite things to do is dream about what I'd want my author study to look like, and I think one day I may steal the colour of your walls;P


Brandi Boddie said...

What a beautiful and calm office! I love the tranquil color of the walls, not to mention the lovely artwork.

Alyssa said...

So amazing. I love the artwork and everything. Especially Mrs. Macha's tapestry.

Athelas said...

Ooh, it's very nice!
Top secret? I can read what that computer screen says... *dances around*

Clara said...

@Hannah: Oooh I will try to do it just for you:)

Meredith said...

So glad that you have such a cozy study where you can work and enjoy yourself. It's always such fun and a comfort to have a special place. I'm sure all your cats get the first sneak peeks at your manuscripts, but I suppose you have to tell them "mum's the word." Perhaps Minerva Louise will ever so graciously slip a tidbit to us here and there? (Ssssh! It's our secret, Miss Minerva, and I promise not to tell!) I'll bet the cats telepathically transmit certain ideas, particularly ones concerning a large, orange cat with a plumy tail and robust history. God bless.

Rebekah said...

I LOVE it! I am so happy you have something as awesome as it, and I'm jealous.

Rebekah said...

@ Clara: You play the uke?????
Me too!!! I just think that is an amazing coincidence.
And I can't wait to hear any more music you have!!
Hannah is right, you should take a look at Eanrin's lullaby.

Clara said...

@Rbekah: That is an amazing coincidnece! I just got the uke for Christmas so I'm not too great at it:P If you play you should come up with a tune of your own! Don't let me hog all the fantastic poems:) Plus, I want to hear you play. It's such a happy little instrument, and maybe you could give me some tips...? :D

Molly said...

I hope that I'm not the only person who tried to get a sneak-peek of your book from your computer... :P

Hannah said...

Molly...You're not the only one. We're naughty Goldstone Wood imps, very naughty...especially when we succeed. :>

But then again, maybe we're not so naughty... I mean, it's right there in the open!

Molly said...

Yes, I AM a naughty Goldstone Wood imp. But it is okay, because I only caught one line...I wonder if it is DRAGONWITCH?
I am going in for a closer look. Heh heh hee mwuhahahahha!!
WAIT wait you CAUGHT what it ALL SAID?! :O hmm...I wonder how I can drag it out of you...

Clara said...

Y'all looked?! Well...I tried to but then felt guilty and stopped:P We are naughty little imps.

Hannah said...

Clara, I envy your will-power. Now I'm feeling all guilty, because Anne said it was TOP-SECRET and I looked anyway.
Molly, I cannot tell you anything that will add to my guilt. = {
(Horrible guilt...guilt that will keep me up all night. All I can see is Eanrin frowning at me. Una is frowning at me, Athelbald is frowning at me, even Vahe is frowning at me...all three of him!!!
To be serious, I'm sorry Anne if you wanted it to be a secret.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

No worries, imps! I wouldn't have put it up I didn't want you to try to see it! And I am curious, did you manage to see anything? ;)

Hannah said...

Thank you. I can tell the three Vahes to go away now. I DID manage to see quite a bit, but the character's name remained forever fuzzy.

Molly said...

I saw ONE LINE. NOOOOOO but I am still trying to see more heh heh heh. ;)

Becky said...

Anne Elisabeth, you and Rohan did a beautiful job on your author's study!
Enjoy and be inspired. God bless you two!