Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Winner of the Unicorn Caption Name Drawing!

Let me announce this winner by listing the caption along with the photograph:

It serves one master, I am sure-and lives forever to serve him/her. Perhaps it is a creature that one cannot see with mere mortal eyes. For all you know, it could be standing next to you, but blind as you are, you would never see it, never hear it - except for those whose eyes have been stripped from their scales by overcoming great adversity beyond one's imagination.

Congratulations, Eszter! The winner of this name drawing!

Please send your address to me: I will be certain that you get your free copy of Moonblood as soon as it prints (and before it even hits the shelves!).

Great job to the rest of you. There was some pretty tremendous imagination at work here, and if I'd had to pick a favorite, it would have been impossible. Keep your eyes open for more opportunities in the near future, and thanks for your participation!


Clara said...

Congrats Eszter! That was a good one:)

Anonymous said...

luky duck! I am SO jelous!!!!

Eszter said...

Thanks everyone! There was a lot of cool captions, and they would honestly make great stories. No kidding. I'm so excited-I can't wait to read Moonblood!

I sent you an email with my address, but if it doesn't get through, let me know. Thanks again!