Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bring Me Your Questions!

Dear Reader,

For the month of August, I have decided to do a new series . . . this one not quite as specifically themed as the last, A-Z series. I want your questions! Any questions at all. Are you curious about any aspect of the Tales of Goldstone Wood? Did a theme leave you a bit confused? Did a character leave you with a sense of mystery? Are you wondering about the motivation behind (fill in the blank)? Or would you like to know secrets of my writing process, sources of inspiration, favorite books, etc.? I want to hear your questions and will answer them to the best of my ability (though I will have to sidestep spoilers).

So please, leave any question you'd like in the comments below. I will answer them with a blog post in the order they are received until either the questions or the month of August runs out!


Anonymous said...

Well, I do have one question...did you always have a knack for writing really well, or did you read a book on becoming a good author or something like that?


Angie said...

Okay, this may be a silly question but how do you come up with the names of your characters? Aethelbald isn't a name you see everyday. ;)

And do you have any input in how the covers of your books are going to look? Love the covers of your books, btw. :)

Anonymous said...


I know that you may probably write more of this later in your series, but I was wondering about the whole wood thrush theme. In the first book, Heartless, the wood thrush keeps asking Una to wait for him and to love him, and that made sense, because Aethelbald was the wood thrush. This might be a dumb question, but... the wood thrush keeps saying that he loves Rose Red. Are there multiple wood thrushes, or is it another sort of love than he feels for Una?

And another question...will Una ever be brought up again in your other books? Although you mentioned in your previous post that a lot of your fans disliked Una, I actually found her character to be very real. I liked that she was selfish, and I liked that she was naive. It made her seem much more human. (If there was a character that I had to dislike, though, it would be Daylily - she seemed too perfect for reality.) I know that your third book will mainly be about Lionheart and Rose Red, but I'd really love to read more about Aethelbald and Una... :)

Thank you for your wonderful books!


Elf said...

Why did you choose to write the part when Una was turned into a dragon? What are your thoughts about it?

Anonymous said...

What exacly happend to Rose Red's foster dad?

Anonymous said...

I've only read Veiled Rose, and not Heartless, but I'm confused because from what i've read about the books and what happens in them, does the story of Una come after Leo and Rosie's? The description of Heartless seems it would explain everything after the Dragon leaves the Southlands and goes after Una?

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

I will go ahead and answer your question here: According to the timeline, yes, HEARTLESS occurs after the story of VEILED ROSE. The two stories overlap briefly (when Lionheart is in Parumvir), but otherwise, HEARTLESS takes the story much farther forward in time. However, both books work as standalone stories, so you can read them in either order. I think most people prefer to have read HEARTLESS first, but the storylines should work equally well in either order.

And you should definitely read both of them before reading MOONBLOOD! :)

Paris said...

What inspires you when you write? Books, other authors, music, movies maybe, and/or people?

Christinanthemum said...

I got a question!

Who/What does "Life and Death" and "Lady Life and Death" symbolize? I have my thoughts, but since I get to ask you I'm excited to know the truth behind them.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Oooh, good question! I'm looking forward to writing up the answer!