Sunday, December 9, 2012

Read-along Weekly Winners!

Happy Sunday, dear readers! Time to announce the three winners of this week's giveaway.

Remember, to enter the giveaway, you had to leave at least one comment for every day of the giveaway. You are, of course, allowed to go back and leave comments on days you missed. But you have to have at least one comment per day.

Quite a number of you were eligible for this week's giveaway. But, there are only three winners, and they are . . .

Jennette -- Veiled Rose
Molly -- Moonblood
Clara Darling -- Starflower

Congratulations, ladies! Do email me your mailing addresses here: And I will package up and mail off your winnings in the next few days!

To the rest of you, we'll be having another giveaway next Sunday. Comments begin counting as of today, so be sure to participate in the read-along! It's been a fun time already, and I'm looking forward to exploring Una's continued adventures with all of you.


Jennette said...

Yea! Thank you!

And congrats Molly & Clara!

Molly said...

I'm VERY excited!! Thank you so much!

Thank you Jennette! Congrats to you as well! And to Clara! Huzzah!

Clara said...

YAY! I was on the road all day so I couldn't comment until now. Congrats to Molly and Jenette!!

Words cannot describe how excited I am:)