Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Colored Pencil on Black Paper

Artist: Melissa Snow
Medium: Pencil, Pen, and Colored Pencil

Artist: Tracey Dyck
Medium: Pencil

Artist:  Shaelyn Rhodenizer (age 8)
Medium: Colored Pencil

Artist: Hannah Rogers
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Kate Goldsberry
Medium: Jewelry, Headpiece, Veil

Artist: Tracey Dyck
Medium: Pencil Crayon

Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Pen and Ink

Artist: Hannah Rogers
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Alaina Hornberger
Medium: Digital Painting

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Hannah said...

Missy: Awesome, awesome, awesome! I love how this piece looks like stained glass. It must be a window somewhere in the Library!

Tracey: Oo, awesome! And that wolf is so neatly done!

Shaelyn: I LOVE THIS. You did such a good job and paid such attention to the cover! Keep up the awesome work, you're quite the budding artist!

Hannah: EEK! The joy of Nidawi and Lion! Mememememe!

Kate: I want Daylily's wedding veils! That is so beautiful!

Tracy: Ohmigoodness. This is such a delightful depiction of all of Nidawi's ages! She so adorable and pretty!

Hannah: Whoa. I love how her eyes look shattered. And yet you can see the wolf glaring out of them. And her poor battered lips!

Alaina: This is too cool! Nidawi is adorable! And I love Lioness's bored look!

Hannah Rogers said...! Hannah, Sunnan and Risafeth...... Holy guacamole. I think I died from pure awe! That water must have taken ages!
And Tracey I love your Niwadi the Everblooming!
Now think I need to read Godess Tithe!

BrynS. said...

Hannah W. I don't think there are words to describe your work for Goddess Tithe so we'll go with absolutely amazing!!!

ghost ryter said...

Hannah Williams: Incredible. Incredible.

Melissa: Awesome! I love the colors here! This is something I would hang on my wall.

Tracey: Very nicely done. The wolf is just perfect!

Shaelyn: This is beautiful! You've done the cover so very well!

Hannah Rogers: D'awww! This is just adorable!

Kate: Oh, these are beautiful! I'd love to have something like this!

Tracey: Nice! I like how even the ferns and the flowers age with her.

Hannah Williams: I think I'm running out of ways to say "I love your art" by now. :D This has a classical look to it, and the gorges are breathtaking.

Hannah Rogers: The detail is amazing, and her distress at trying to contain the wolf is perfect.

Alaina: Heheh, this picture is just too cute! I like how watchful her expression is, as though she waiting for the king of Here and There.

Rae said...

There are so many of these I wish I could hang actually frame and hang on my wall.

Tracey Dyck said...

Hannah W: Wow, the rain and the sea are so realistically done! Such an amazing picture.

Melissa: :O I love the colors! And the ship looks so small and helpless.

Shaelyn: Amazing job! Until I saw your age, I thought it had been done by somebody more like twice as old. :)

Hannah R: Awww, so adorable!! Nidawi's expression is perfect, and Lion looks so playful.

Kate: Ooh, but that's pretty... What a neat idea!

Hannah W: Mind blown. How are you not illustrating books??

Hannah R: Looks like we had the same idea, but you pulled it off with so much more detail! It's gorgeous! Daylily's expression of panic and the wolf snarling in her eyes are just fabulous.

Alaina: Now I want Lion for myself. ;) Such cuteness!

And tank you all for the sweet words on my entries! <3 (I'm also open to critique, if anyone cares to do that.)

Tracey Dyck said...

(Grr, typo--should be thank.)

Anonymous said...

Now we're to books I haven't read yet so it's like awesome little sneak peeks. :D

@Hannah Williams: Awesome sea monster. O.O The water is so real and blue and wet looking... and that guy looks so heroic!

@Melissa Snow: Niiice. I love your style! Great sea monster and awesome little ship.

@Tracey Dyck: I love love LOVE the wolf in her eye!! That is SUCH a good drawing!!!

@Shaelyn Rhodenizer: Very cool. I love the colors.

@Hannah Rogers: Oh that is adorable!!

@Kate Goldsberry: Beautiful pictures! I love that green... Awesome.

@Tracey Dyck: That is extremely awesome. I love the leaf dresses. And makes me very curious about Shadow Hand...

@Hannah Williams: That looks like an illustration out of a really old book. So much detail! It's amazing!

@Hannah Rogers: Ooh, me likes. Very nice.

@Alaina Hornberger: I don't know why but THAT IS LIKE THE MOST AWESOME PICTURE EVER. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The bright colors and her, and her hair, and that beasty thing(someone say lioness? Haven't read it so I don't know :P), and the tree... I love all of it!
-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)

Sara said...

Hannah W - I think this might be my favorite of yours so far!(Seriously, the things you manage to do with colored pencils!)

Melissa - another awesome and frightening depiction of Risafeth! I love how tiny the ship is compared to her, and also your use of color.

Tracy - I love the concept of the howling wolf in her eye. Beautifully done!

Shaelyn - beautiful re-imagining of the cover!

Hannah R - I love this, there is so much playfulness and tenderness. I want that lion cub!

Kate - oh, I'm a sucker for gorgeous jewelry, and this is exquisite! I also love how you layered the photos.

Tracy - you did a great job capturing the personalities of all 3 of Nidawi's forms - the petulant child; the strong, beautiful young woman; and the weary, grieving old crone.

Hannah W - Holy cow, the DETAIL on this! Absolutely incredible.

Hannah R - beautiful and terrifying! It looks like the wolf could just lunge out of her eyes!

Alaina - I love Nidawi's sort of elfin appearance and the bright, beautiful colors.

Unknown said...

Fourth Set!!

Hannah W: Okay, you REALLY make me want to try black paper. This is GORGEOUS!! I don't know what I like best! The amazing composition (the diagonal you got going on here is fantastic!!), the shading, the lighting, the detail, the posing, the jaw-dropping waves, the backgrounds, the rain, it's wonderful! Really, this is absolutely gorgeous! The perspective is equally amazing (I love how you used the size of the rain to imply motion and distance so wonderfully!) The color scheme is amazing, the motion and contrast is wonderful! All the details, from Sunan's clothing and katana to the scales and structure of Risafeth's face and body...the textures and details are so awesome! Love this!! Truly beautiful! :)

Melissa: I agree with the above, the stain glass effect on this is gorgeous!! I love the colors you used for Risafeth, they're so striking!! And the way you faded the colors of the sea as they fade into the distance is awesome! I gotta say though, I LOVE the way you did the ship. The angle is absolutely fabulous (angles like that are tricky too!) and I adore how you colored and structured the ship. It has this really super gorgeous oriental battleship feel that just works wonderfully!! The composition is great and the placing of Risafeth and the direction of the rain leads the eye across the work in a great dynamic diagonal line. Awesome job! Can't wait to see more from you! :D

Tracey: This is beautiful...The texture of her eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair are fantastic (and extra kudos for making each of those textures a little different, it makes it look REALLY lifelike). The shading and coloring of Daylily's eye is so subtle and beautiful, and the wolf's head in her pupil is FLAWLESS in shading, proportion, and structure! And I love the subtle expression in her eyes! Beautiful job!! I'd love to see more of your stuff! :)

Shaelyn: You are not eight years old, I don't believe it. ;) The position of the bird and Daylily's face are far too beautiful... ;) The textures of the plants are wonderful, and the background and plants in the front look great! The colors you used for the bird are so striking, and its wings and tail look especially beautiful! And Daylily's face and hair? Gorgeous! You captured her hairstyle wonderfully, and her expression is absolutely amazing! Her eyes alone, very beautiful...I also really love the details you put on her dress. They really give the picture a great touch. AMAZING job! I'd love to see you do more pictures!! :)

Hannah R: SO CUTE!! Nidawi's expression is absolutely gorgeous!! I can't get over her expression!! The details of Lion's fur, the little broach on her shoulder, and the texture of her hair are wonderful! I LOVE the structure of her face though! Those gorgeous cheekbones, the deep inset of her eyes and that elegant prominent brow...and the fantastic implication of her individual teeth and the beautiful texture and shading of her lips! So gorgeous! But the expression on her face....that REALLY sells's beautfiul, awesome job!! :D

Unknown said...

Kate: Wait wait wait, did you MAKE this? All things bright and holy....this is GORGEOUS. Please tell me you sell stuff like this, because you could make a fortune on these! So beautiful!!! The stones and color you chose....they have such a wonderful iridescent texture...the silver settings have amazing details....and the pearls?? Oh my goodness...THEN there's the beaded details of the veil...OH MY GOODNESS....this thing is ABSOLUTELY beautiful, you've done a wonderful job!! I'd REALLY love to see more of your work!!

Tracey: I've never seen anyone do all Nidawi's ages! It looks great!! I ADORE how you differentiated them by color, how child Nidawi has the color of young plants, Lady Nidawi has this vivid forest green of a mature plant, and how elder Nidawi looks like she's wilting... Same with how you made the leaves of her dress! I also really really love what you did with the plants in her hair and how you did the accessories... I also really love how you aged her and kept her looking like the same person with similar eyes and facial pretty!! and the shading and grassy "floor" looks great! Awesome job! Would love to see more stuff from you! :)

Hannah W: ONCE AGAIN, I will commend your background skills...(GOOD HEAVENS....) Dat detail....The IMMENSE amount of texture, the perspective!! The ground, the plants, the trees, the rocks, the's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous....and the composition is fantastic! And the shading is gorgeous!! This is really awesome! And such a great establishing scene!! :3

Hannah R: MAN, I love your shading and contrast. Her lips , eyes, and face are structured and shaded wonderfully, and her EYES!! The depth in her eyes you captured with the shading alone is amazing! The textures of her eyelashes and eyebrows are fantastic, and her chapped lips is such an awesome detail! The wolves in her pupils are so FEARSOME and detailed, and you somehow managed to do them almost identically in both eyes (BRAVO in and of itself, symmetry's a pain ;) ) More than anything, I always LOVE your expressions...Once again, the expression alone sells it. The expression is SO vivid and has SOOO much emotion in it...This is beautiful, you've done a wonderful job!

Alaina: Awww so pretty! I love the relaxing tone of this one....Lioness is so big but gentle-looking, and I love Nidawi's pose. The willow tree is GORGEOUS. The shading and texture of the bark and the leaves are fantastic, and the way you faded them into the distance gives it a fantastic depth. The details on Nidawi's dress, hair, and the vines on her limbs are beautiful!! The shading and highlights of the leaves on her dress are wonderful, and the differently colored blossoms in her hair are very beautiful, and the vines look really beautiful and elegant. Then there's her face, which has a wonderful expression, and you managed to capture a youth and and agelessness at the same time, she's very beautiful!! Awesome job!! Can't wait to see more! :D

Whew!! Fourth of Six! Five and Six probably won't come till tomorrow, sorry for the wait!! I love seeing everyone's work so much!!! :D

Blessings and Prayers, my friends!

Tracey Dyck said...

Rebekah, Sara, and Melanie: Thanks so much for your kind words! :D (Melanie, the time you've taken to say so much to everyone is immensely sweet of you!)

Kate Goldsberry said...

Thank you to everyone who commented on the veil. Yes, I do sell stuff like this and Melanie J., perhaps we could find some way to communicate so that I can show you more of my work. And yes, I made the veil and circlet by hand. :) It was A LOT of work! Again, thanks everyone for your compliments!! :)

Christa Wilson said...

Hannah W. – THIS IS SO AMAZING! I’m almost speechless. The roaring waves, the rain, the lightning, the brilliant colors! It’s all so breathtakingly awesome! You captured the emotion of this scene PERFECTLY. Beautiful, beautiful. One of my favorite of your works, and that’s saying a lot! Keep being awesome. :)

Melissa – Wow, this is striking! Risafeth looks so fierce and menacing, while the ship looks so tiny and vulnerable. Great rendition of this scene. I really like the colors you chose, too, and the detail of the rain is great!

Tracey – Very pretty! You got Daylily’s hair, eyelashes, and eyebrow just right, and I love the detail in the wolf’s reflection.

Shaelyn – Nice depiction of the book cover! I see lots of detail in the ground surrounding Daylily, and the wood thrush really stands out.

Hannah R. – Agh! This is so adorable! I love how you did her hair, and the looks on her and the lion’s faces are perfect! Again, your shading amazes me. :)

Kate – This is so pretty! Beautiful yet delicate, and that green is perfect for Daylily. Great design!

Tracey – I like how you depict Nidawi in three different forms here. I haven’t read Shadow Hand yet, though, so I don’t know much about Nidawi. :) The little flowers on her arms and legs are so pretty. Great job on all the little details, like the floating flower petals and even the grass!

Hannah W. – WOW! This is another awesome piece! So much to look at here... The detail and shading are spectacular, and the composition is very interesting as well. I truly love a good ink drawing, and this is magnificent.

Hannah R. – Beautiful use of value and texture! Her eyelashes and her irises are so perfectly done, and the reflection of the wolf is chilling.

Alaina – Ooh! This is so pretty! I love the mystical feel of it. Very serene. Lion’s posture is perfect, and I really like the black coils around Nidawi’s arms and legs.

Unknown said...

@Tracey: You're so welcome, dear!! (Awwww thank you so much! It blesses me so much to hear you say that!!)

@Kate: You're welcome! Whewww, it's so beautiful!!! It LOOKS like a lot of work! :D (Feel free to email me, I wouldn't mind! I'd love to see more of your work! ( ) :D

Tracey Dyck said...

@Christa: Aw, thank you! Shadow Hand is one of my favorites, and Nidawi is definitely a vivid character. ;)

@Melanie: *beams* YOU have been a blessing to so many here!