Monday, September 1, 2014

MY LOVE: Ruth G.

O won't thou see, my love, what's done to me?
See how I have been treated;
Heart set aside so harshly.
But o, my love, hear how I am singing still;
Did thou think I would not?
I sing, tho' laughter's ringing is still.
My love for thee shall remain ever strong --
As Lume's golden rays --
As the Wood Thrush's song.
O, long as the stars continue to rise
Above the sweet flowers,
I'll be trapped by thine eyes.
Only for thou, my love, are my songs true;
The moon's glow must fade
Before the beauty of all thou do.
Understand this, that tho' I did part
I slipped away in pain
From my broken heart.
Know that it shattered my world 
To leave thee my dear, old girl.

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Unknown said...

Ohhhh! That is so beautiful, Ruth! GREAT job!

Meredith said...

Outstanding job! I loved the old-world cadence and style. Such a loving poem.

Hannah said...

I love how the speaker and audience is not revealed until the last line!

Clara said...

I'm with Hannah...I loved how I was guessing who the speaker of this poem was. Is it Aethelbald? No. Leo? No.

"...To leave thee my dear, old girl."


Sara said...

What a perfect way of revealing the speaker at the end! The whole poem is so lovely (and of course, anything about Eanrin and Imraldera makes me happy!)

Anna said...

So beautiful!! Wish I could write poetry!!! :) And I echo Hannah, Clara, and Sara! :) I was guessing either Rosie or Leo (because no one's better at breaking hearts than Leo!). Great job!

Becky said...

I'm crying again. That was beautiful, Ruth. You captured Eanrin's heart.

"But o, my love, hear how I am singing still;
Did thou think I would not?
I sing, tho' laughter's ringing is still."

"Only for thou, my love, are my songs true"

Ruth said...

Thank you so much everyone I'm so glad you liked it.:)

Unknown said...

WHOA I just got who the speaker was! That took me a while...

Anonymous said...

Poor Eanrin. I can picture him swaggering in to Ruain Hall to sing to Gleamdrene with this poem in his pocket. Poor, mixed-up cat.

Unknown said...

Awwww so melancholy and sweet! Such a great poem! Eanrin's diction and style were fantastic, and, echoing everyone else, I adored the reveal in the last line. It was fantastic, I loved it! Awesome job!!