Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fan Fiction Contest

Note from the Judges: "Really liked this cleverly written poem!"

Reflection of a Fool

By: Courtney E. Dunesbury

Reflected at a glance
but lacked the courage
to take a chance
and see
that the fool
was me
Played the part in stride
from head to toe
yet hiding inside
that the fool
was me
Juggling words around
weaving stories
playing games
I uttered not a sound
that the fool
was me
Jests before royals and men
from land
to ocean sea
and have been one of them
yet denied
that the fool
was me
Revealed by your eyes
pain of truth
of what I was inside
in them
no surprise
you could see
that the fool
was me


Rae said...

Oo, very good! :)

Eszter said...

This was so cool. I loved it.

Amber Holcomb said...

Great poem! Oh, Lionheart...


Hannah said...

A very excellent poem! It shows the stuggles of Lionheart well. Anne: I'm looking SO forward to seeing Lionheart again...only this time...Sir Lionheart. :)

Meredith Burton said...

This poem was so beautiful, and I love how it was written as a monologue from Lionheart's perspective. He's a truly heartbreaking yet wonderful character, a mirror that reflects us all. Keep up the excellent work.