Thursday, September 27, 2012

K is for Kings

There are a number of kings featured in Moonblood, and since I couldn't think of a better "K" for this post, I'm going to take the opportunity to do a brief write-up on each of them! The first one meet is, of course . . .

King Vahe: The despicable villain of this tale! Perfectly beautiful by virtue of powerful enchantments, but this beauty cannot hide the evil within. He really is one the most over-the-top eeeeevil characters I've ever created. Oddly enough though, I kind of like him! He's fun to write. He also featured in an as-yet-unpublished Goldstone Wood novel I wrote a few years back (a prequel to this novel), and I liked him there too. I was a little sad for him to meet his fate in this story!
King Hawkeye: Otherwise known as The Eldest, of course. By the time we meet him in this novel, he is aged far beyond his time due to the large amount of dragon smoke he breathed during the Occupation. I think there's more to it than that, though. Others breathed the same poisonous fumes and didn't wither so drastically. I think much of his frailty stems from heartbreak . . . heartbreak over what he has seen happen to his kingdom, to his family, to his son. And the Dragon's poison, working with that heartbreak, is slowly breaking him down. A good man brought low is Eldest Hawkeye.
King Fidel: We find Una and Felix's father in the midst of rebuilding in the wake of the Dragon's visit to Parumvir. He obviously breathed far less poison than did Hawkeye. He is optimistic, if struggling in his relationship with his son, Prince Felix . . . who is acting more and more dragon-like himself these days.
King Iubdan: At last we meet the source of the exclamation "Iubdan's beard!" King Iubdan of Rudiobus is an ancient king with an enormous good humor and a lovely wife. He is also a brave warrior, leading his troops into battle against the goblins and (possibly) dragons. A figure of mythology and legend come to life before the very eyes of my characters!
Which of these kings was your favorite? Any thoughts you'd like to share? Were you glad to see Fidel again, or to finally meet King Iubdan?


Barka said...

What about Lume and Hymlume? Are they king and queen?

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Sort of . . . but I did a post on Hymlume already, and Lume is coming up next, so I figured I'd save him! :)

Hannah said...

I surely hope you will publish that novel with Vahe, because it seems like everything pivotal in the past (the awakening of the Dragon from the Goldstone, the loss of Eanrin's eyes, Oeirc's great sin, Diarmid's demise) have Vahe written all over it!!! I think I'd go crazy if you had stop writing your books before all these scenes were written!!!
By the way, just how long will I have to wait till we get to the scenes said above? (I figured they take place around the same time.)

Eszter said...

How do you pronounce Iubdan? I've always wanted to know, because I believe I've been saying it wrong.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Hannah: I sure hope I'll get a chance to tell all of those stories! We'll see how God leads and what doors He opens . ..

@Eszter: I pronounce it "Yube-dawn." I don't know if that's the ACCURATE pronunciation (it's an old Gaelic name), but that's how I pronounce it anyway! Similarly, I pronounce "Eanrin" as "Yann-rin."