Monday, May 30, 2011

Nothing Like That First Copy

Seriously, there is nothing like opening the package with the first copy of your new book! My fellow writers, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I wondered if I wouldn't be as excited for round 2 of this adventure, but that was pure silliness wondering. Of course I was just as excited! If not more so!!!

This book was a lot harder in coming than Heartless. The concept is much more complex and the work it took to find a form for it that truly worked was intense. I had a lot of back-and-forth with my editors as we labored to find the right way to tell this story. And I think it was so worth it in the end! This book was no walk in the park, but it came to life for me in ways that no other project has. Every novel has a life of its own, of course . . . and I truly love all of my projects. But it's different with each. You appreciate different aspects.

One thing I particularly enjoy about this story is how much of my Rohan turned up in it in very random places. The poor dear man was just starting to court me when I was on a two month deadline to get this novel drafted. (For those of you non-writers reading, two months to write a 120,000 word manuscript = insanity.) My handsome suitor truly saw me at my very worst hair-pulling-out-depths-of-despair-absolutely-nothing-left. And still wanted to marry me at the end of the summer!

That's love.

But it amuses me now to read the story and see little phrases that are pure Rohan. Or word choices. Or descriptions. Tiny little details that no one else would pick up on, but which I read and go, "Ha! Yeah, I wonder where that came from." Life definitely inspires art.

Thus, the dedication: To my David Rohan.

Rohan: "Hmmm, this better be good . . . ."

One skeptical eyebrow later . . .

After all he went through, I really hope he enjoys it!

Squeeeee!!! It's so exciting to see them both together! I can't even begin to say how much I love this second cover. I didn't think I could possibly like a cover as much as the first book, but I just love the last-minute changes they made to Veiled Rose. The colors are rich and vivid, and the image is so perfectly suited to the story, it's almost unbelievable. I just adore it and feel blessed beyond belief!

Anyway, it's been a lovely four-day weekend at Rooglewood. Back to reality tomorrow. The office for Rohan and the manuscript for yours truly. I will write again soon.

Until then, happy reading!


Faith King said...

How exciting! I remember the day that Awakenings was going to come on the UPS truck. It was the longest work day of MY ENTIRE LIFE and then when I got home I had to wait another hour after that. Finally, he came, and it took everything in me not to blurt out to him my whole life story as he handed it over.

Then I ripped open the package and sort of just walked around in a daze for two hours staring at it and flipping through it with an expression of dopey wonder on my face.

So, um... yeah. Know what you're talking about.


Costuming update tomorrow! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great!!! Can't wait!!!

Kimber said...

So exctied to read it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Christa again!
I can't wait to read Veiled Rose as soon as I can find it at a book store. And as soon as I read all the other books I've got lying about, waiting to be finished.